Juicy Chinese Dumplings

We are 100% NZ owned and popular brand of authentic frozen dumplings.  Enjoy our great tasting dumplings sold in over 100 local supermarkets and restaurants, including Pak’n Save and New World stores.

* no preservatives,  artificial colour or flavour

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Our dumplings are easy to cook from frozen, a healthy nutritious meal for the whole family!

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The best dumpling company in auckland

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Our authentic chinese dumplings taste great fried, steamed or boiled and feed big families or large corporate gatherings. Find us at your local store in Auckland or all over New Zealand!

Healthy & Delicious

We are your choice for the best quality frozen dumplings. We support our local farmers by using local produce and meat which we means you get the freshest most delicious ingredients available in New Zealand.

No preservatives

We support your desire to live a cleaner lifestyle and have a preservative-free diet!

No artificial colour and flavour

Our flavours are extracted from real herbs or spices with no colouring added.

Halal Chicken

We only use chicken and ingredients that are Halal certified and processed in accordance with Islamic Law.

Some of our Stockists

We are a Foodstuffs NI Approved Supplier and HACCP certified and have guaranteed quality products. Plus, we are 100% NZ owned and operated and we’re proud of it.
Happy Customers

Why They Love Us

“Absolutely delicious! Enjoyed the seafood and prawn dumplings. I was blown away by how simple it is to cook and the variety in texture created a beautiful crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle experience. Would recommend trying with plum sauce, to "add some icing" on the already fantastic dumplings.”
Zoe Vickery
“Coming from the countryside of Brazil, I didn’t know much about dumplings until I came to New Zealand. I was delighted to have found Juicy Chinese Dumplings as it became a constant presence in my freezer. I even threw a dumpling party just using the flavours of this brand. Totally recommend!”
Guilherme P. C. Portugal
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