How to cook our dumplings

Ever wondered how best to cook our juicy chinese dumplings?


This pan fried version of cooking juicy dumpling is a family favourite that’s crispy, moist and delicious in just 7 to 8 minutes!


If you’ve ever wondered how to best cook your juicy Chinese dumplings, you can’t go past this pan fried version, crispy, moist and delicious all at the same time! And just seven to eight minutes you too can become a super chef.

Let us show you how easy it is:

  1. Grab a nonstick pan with a lid and add four teaspoons of cooking oil.
  2. Take your dumplings straight from the freezer and place them in the pan.
  3. Add enough cold water up to a third of the height of the dumplings.
  4. Set your pan onto a high heat and leave to cook for around seven to eight minutes.
  5. When you hear them start to sizzle and your water is almost gone, reduce the heat and turn your dumplings over.
  6. Once the water has completely evaporated in the bottom of the pan, and the dumplings are golden, they are done!

Pan fried dumplings are a favourite in every household even with the pickiest of eaters so head to your local supermarket or buy them here online!


Common questions we get about cooking dumplings

There are 3 ways you can cook them: Boiled, steamed or pan-fried. We have cooking instructions at the back of the packaging. View our video above for detailed instructions. More cooking videos will be added to the website soon. 

No. As it is a wheat product it naturally contains gluten.

Yes. It should be taken out of the freezer just when you are about to cook it.

No. You should put it in the pan straight from frozen.

Around four teaspoons.

Yes, you can buy it here. We recommend not to boil the vegetarian dumplings though as they can easily break this way.

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