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Catherine & Peter Cooke
“Oh my goodness - the smell, taste and the texture of Sunshine Food's dumplings is divine. I have extensively travelled, sometimes up to 6 times a year to China and I have never enjoyed my dumpling experience until now. My husband Peter convinced me to give these dumplings a go and I'm sold. The smell is the first part that I enjoy and when eating these dumplings the taste and after taste makes me feel so happy. Thank you for providing me a new sensory enjoyment with your dumplings.”
“We have these dumplings and steamed buns all the time at home, love them. Cheaper and better than the markets.”
Pete Ward
“Delicious dumplings! These are the best dumplings I've had and I can make them at home!”
Jo Jensen
"I absolutely LOVE the Juicy Chinese Dumplings from Sunshine Foods. They are super tasty and make mealtimes so much easier as you can cook them straight from the freezer, and they're done in around 7 minutes! I've always loved dumplings so to have them whenever I get a craving is brilliant. You can guarantee there's always a pack in my freezer and with so many flavours on offer, there's something for everyone!"
Monique Bradley
“Dangerous, I couldn't stop eating these delicious dumplings! The taste is so good it's clear they are made with healthy and fresh ingredients. I recommend these for feeding a big family or a large gathering!”
Lori Leugers
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